2020 is the year of the Internet..

High Tech Computers

Due to the infamous pandemic that erupted during the begining of 2020 and spread like wildfire almost all industries have resorted to move most of their infrastructure and business online.

Although prior to 2020 global technological adoption has been very high, due to the pandemic and the measures taken to flatten the curve, worldwide technological adoption reached new heights previously thought not possible.

Businesses that choose not to upgrade into the cloud and retrofit their products and services into cyber space have seen a significant decline is revenue. These Businesses are hemorrhaging and are barely holding on.

Mobile Computing

While previously, adopting new novel technologies such as; Teleconferencing, e-Commerce, Remote Working, Social Media, and an Online Presence, was a choice that only certain companies were willing or able to adopt.

Today during this time of crisis, the choice has been made for all companies, adopt these new initiatives or go out of business. Due to these factors companies are scrambling to intergrate these new initiatives before it is too late.

The information technology sector is seeing a boom in growth like never before. While other industries contract under the strain of a pandemic, recession, and a massive alteration in social behaviour, the ICT sector has seen its consumer base skyrocket.

Jump on the band wagon now! Adopt the initiatives required to take your business into the future.